IAEA Technical Meeting on Using Social Media for Public Communication and Stakeholder Involvement

9 – 13 Dec 2019

Vienna, Austria

Energy for Humanity was pleased to contribute to this excellent meeting on using social media for public and stakeholder engagement. Please click here to find more details about the event, including presentations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) carries out a variety of initiatives and activities on topics related to public communication and stakeholder involvement. One of these initiatives is the development of a new web platform, the Nuclear Communicator’s Toolbox. It serves as a one-stop web platform for navigating general information relevant to this field. Launched in August 2019, it will be subject to periodic review and update as new inputs are obtained. Case studies experienced by the Member States, among other components, will be incorporated in future updates.

One section of the Toolbox is devoted to topics associated with social media. It covers general information concerning social media, including the benefits of using social media and general guidance as well as descriptions of various social media platforms in operation. However, the page does not currently offer information specific to the nuclear sector, nor specific experiences and lessons learned on using social media. In order to take advantage of the expertise and experience of leading practitioners, this Technical Meeting will be aimed at benefitting national and local representatives, among others, in positions to engage in public communication and stakeholder involvement in the nuclear field.

The objective of this meeting is to gather and share international experiences on using social media for public communication and stakeholder involvement in the nuclear field with a view to providing input for updating the contents of the Nuclear Communicator’s Toolbox.

View the Energy for Humanity slide deck here