Switzerland: Energy Outlook

Switzerland is one of only six countries in the world to have achieved the first important milestone on the path to deep decarbonisation: clean electricity generation.* Through a combination of hydro and nuclear energy, Switzerland’s electricity mix is extremely low carbon. Not only this, but public transport (trains, trams etc.) are largely electrified. Electric transport is only as green as its grid. In this case, it’s green.

Please check out the presentation below to find out more about Switzerland’s energy production and consumption, and future projections. The data also show the effect of the energy mix in relation to emissions, human health, and the environment.

In November 2016, Switzerland will have a referendum on premature phase out and a total moratorium on any new nuclear technology. The results of the vote will have far reaching impacts for the country. Take a look at the presentation to compare the current situation with possible future scenarios.

  • The other countries are Norway (hydro), Iceland (geothermal), Sweden, France and Brazil (combined nuclear and hydro). We hope to add Canada to the list soon, where great progress is being made in phasing out coal.