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Advanced Reactor Systems and Future Energy Market Needs

This workshop will discuss how energy systems are evolving towards low-carbon systems, what the future of energy market needs are, the changing regulatory framework, and how advanced reactor developers are taking these into account in their designs.

Energy for Humanity in Stockholm

In April, Kirsty Gogan, director of EFH was invited to Sweden, where having a totally clean electricity grid is a nice problem to have.

The Economist Energy Summit 2016

Join us at the Energy Summit 2016 where the industry’s foremost business leaders, policy-makers, international investors, regulators, innovators and academics will gather for a series of hard hitting debates that will determine the future of energy.

EFH Summary of Achievements at COP21 Paris

At the COP 21 Climate Summit in Paris, Energy for Humanity organised and hosted a series of high profile, well-attended events, including a major press conference for four of the world’s most renowned climate scientists.

White House Nuclear Summit 2015

In the final weeks building up to COP 21 in Paris, the White House sends a diplomatic message as the Obama Administration works towards a global climate agreement.

In the news

Why is my cat sad?

Sixty six eminent conservation scientists have signed an open letter entreating the environmental community to support evidence-based energy policy, rather than simply relying on idealistic perceptions of what is ‘green’.

Clean Switch

It is possible to switch from an anti- to a pro-nuclear position, argues Kirsty Gogan, and some influential commentators are making the transition.