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Atoms for the Future, Paris, 16-18 Oct 2018

Global energy demand is rising, which means adding to our already huge challenge to replace our entire fossil fuel infrastructure: heat, power, transport. Where will that energy come from?

ICONE 2018, London

Energy for Humanity Global Director, Kirsty Gogan, gives the keynote address at the prestigious nuclear engineering conference, co-hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) – in London.

House of Lords Reception: New Nuclear Watch Institute

Would you personally abandon a 26-year diet where your weight doubled while you were on the diet? The World is supposed to be on a zero carbon diet after making our first climate agreement in 1992, and yet, since 1992, CO2 emissions almost doubled. 

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Interview: Nuclear is a Kind of Taboo

And what has been your biggest revelation so far?
If you told me five years ago that I would be running a pro-nuclear environmental NGO, I wouldn’t have believed you. However, in light of the scale and urgency of climate change, I have changed my mind.