Kirsty Gogan works from London on the global activities of the Energy for Humanity.

Kirsty Gogan, MSc. is co-founder and executive director of Energy for Humanity (EFH), an environmental NGO focused on large scale deep decarbonisation and energy access. EFH led a delegation of the world’s most highly regarded climate scientists to Paris COP21 in order to make the case for nuclear to be recognised as a vital part of the clean energy mix. EFH was subsequently shortlisted for the Business Green Leaders “Green NGO of the Year” Award in 2016. At COP23, EFH published a new report on European Climate Leadership 2017 and presented a new study on Decarbonizing Cities with Advanced Nuclear. She is also founding director of CleanTech Catalyst (a consultancy specialising in climate and energy), recently commissioned by the UK-based Energy Technologies Institute to lead the Nuclear Cost Drivers Study in partnership with Lucid Strategy (based in Cambridge, MA). The Study has proven foundational for current UK policy on nuclear new build.

Kirsty is regularly invited as an expert speaker on science communication, nuclear competitiveness and innovation to high profile events around the world. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior advisor to industry, non-profits and Government, including at 10 Downing St, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where she ran the national public consultation on nuclear new build, reviewed the national communications response to Fukushima and revised national guidance for civil nuclear emergency planning and response.

With his documentary "Pandora's Promise", Robert Stone has built a bridge from nuclear energy to climate change and environmental protection.

He travelled with former anti-nuclear activists to Chernobyl and Fukushima. The documentary gives a vision on what nuclear energy would be capable in doing to protect the environment, especially when future reactor concepts will be used that can also recycle nuclear fuel. Robert Stone lives in the metropolitan area of New York and is currently working on a new film project.

The Swiss entrepreneur Daniel S. Aegerter co-founded Energy for Humanity to further his philanthropic agenda with regards to future energy supply.

As one of the most successful Swiss tech-entrepreneurs, Daniel Aegerter is convinced that clean electricity is the form of energy with the highest quality and that its share needs to be dramatically increased at the expense of fossil fuels.