Energy for Humanity is a UK-and Switzerland-based non-profit organisation with a global outlook focused on solving climate change and enabling universal access to modern energy services.

Energy for Humanity strongly advocates for evidence-based, whole-system, and technology-inclusive solutions in pursuit of the best (fastest, most cost-effective, most feasible) outcomes for people and nature. Our goal is to address these themes and to inspire meaningful action.

Future leaders will need all the tools at their disposal to solve global challenges including climate change and air pollution, whilst providing low cost, clean power to billions of people and improving life chances for women and children throughout the world.

Energy for Humanity was established in 2014 by the Academy Award Nominee Robert Stone, the environmental activist Kirsty Gogan and the Swiss Entrepreneur Daniel Aegerter as an international nonprofit organization. In addition to the global organization, affiliated associations were founded in Switzerland and Finland in 2015 . Since August 2016 the organisation Energy for Humanity was integrated as a foundation under the umbrella Fondation des Fondateurs.

Download our first Annual Report (2014/15) here

Download our second Annual Report (2016/17) here: EFH-Annual-Report-2016-2017-RGB-7

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Kirsty Gogan


Robert Stone


Daniel Aegerter

Co-Founder and Chair

Eric Ingersoll

Chief Technology Officer