We started Energy For Humanity (EfH) to improve public debate about two great challenges.

First, how to reduce carbon and air pollution by eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels. Second, to create the energy abundance necessary to enable everyone on Earth to live well and be safe.

Energy for Humanity was established in 2014 by the Academy Award Nominee Robert Stone, the environmental activist Kirsty Gogan and the Swiss Entrepreneur Daniel Aegerter as an international nonprofit organization. In addition to the global organization, an affiliated association was founded in Switzerland in March 2015. Since August 2016 the organisation Energy for Humanity was integrated as a foundation under the umbrella Fondation des Fondateurs.

Download our first Annual Report (2014/15) here

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Kirsty Gogan

Co-founder Global Director

Robert Stone


Daniel Aegerter

Co-Founder and Chair

Wolfgang Denk

European Director

Aurora Ganz

Senior Project Manager