NEI Magazine: Conference reveals growing optimism for small reactors

A handful of new nuclear projects in Europe and the USA have suffered high profile construction delays and cost overruns. Yet in many countries, new nuclear power projects are being delivered on time and budget.

IAEA Conference / Nuclear Industry ‘Looking For Ways To Cut Construction Times And Costs’

Kirsty Gogan told the #Atoms4Climate conference at the IAEA Vienna headquarters that most new-build projects today are delivering very low-cost, successful nuclear programmes.

Viewpoint: Why sustainable finance needs to be defined by evidence not ideology

WNN Viewpoint: Recently we witnessed a welcome example of evidence-based decision-making in Europe’s energy and climate change policies, write Kirsty Gogan, Rauli Partanen and Eric Ingersoll.

FT Letter: Cutting nuclear funding curbs action on climate

“If nuclear is excluded from sustainable finance, it will result in both new build and life extensions for existing fleet being more difficult to finance, making our climate challenge harder, more expensive, and more likely to fail.”

A win for science-based climate policy-making

If you haven’t heard the news – last week we had a win for science-based climate policy-making.

International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power

To reach climate change goals, and contribute towards broader sustainable development goals, a significantly greater deployment of low carbon energy technologies, including nuclear, is needed.

Nuclear and the EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Investments

Nuclear energy’s whole lifecycle has been regulated to “Do No Harm” standards for decades. And man, has it delivered!

SUSTAINABLE NUCLEAR: Assessment Report (2019)

This new Report was prepared for the European Commission Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, and larger global investment community, to help them fairly and robustly evaluate nuclear energy as a sustainable investment. 


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