Building new nuclear capacity does not need to be risky or expensive

Building new nuclear capacity does not need to be risky or expensive, a new report from the OECD NEA has found.

Help coal-dependent countries switch to nuclear, ministers tell EU

Why deny Poland, Czech Republic and all Member States the opportunity to replace the base-load capacity provided by coal with zero-emissions reliable generation at a cost that is affordable for their citizens and economies?

WIRED Magazine: What Plant-Based Burgers Can Teach Us About Saving the Planet

Read about Energy for Humanity’s Impossible Burger analogy in WIRED Magazine’s Climate Issue (April 2020). 

We need more of our climate solutions to be Impossible™ burgers

We can’t rely on behaviour change to stop climate change, argue Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan

Civil society call for high profile nuclear presence at COP26

As the second largest source of clean energy, nuclear should be represented accordingly during the upcoming COP26 meeting in Glasgow. 

Civil Society Declaration Calls for a Critical Decade of Clean Energy Collaboration

In this critical decade we need nuclear products that are cost competitive, easier to buy, easier to deliver, present lower investor risk, for broad range of market applications.

Renewable and Nuclear Energy - Removing CO₂ from the Power Generation Mix

How can we design the highest possible performing low carbon energy system with a diverse portfolio of technologies?

Intelligence Squared: It's time to expand nuclear energy

Let’s restore critical thinking, facts, reason, and civility to American public discourse. Join the debate and hear both sides of every issue.

FT: Open Letter on EU sustainable finance for nuclear energy and climate.

The 53 signatories of this open letter include world famous climate scientists; academics, political leaders; regulators; climate NGOs; authors; artists; and investors.


Air Pollution

Air pollution is a major environmental and health hazard causing up to 7 million premature deaths every year, whilst doing …


It’s time to fill the empty chair at COP26

So far, the conventional nuclear industry has frankly not come forward with a plan for how it will scale up and deliver the needed products that can decarbonise heat and fuels and power. 



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